The SBC Weekly Digest for 15/01/21

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Good week for…

In a Q4 2020 trading update, Kindred has recorded its ‘strongest quarter ever’ with the operator group reporting ‘all-time high’ revenues.

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Gamesys has reiterated that it is ‘in a strong position’ to continue its growth momentum into 2021 despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

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Bad week for…

Miguel Santiváñez has been removed from his position as a Ligue 1 referee due to an ongoing match-fixing investigation by the Peruvian Football Federation.

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Following a legal challenge regarding transparency and the use of public funds, the Sao Paulo Grand Prix has been suspended.

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“It is perfectly understandable that businesses wanted to position for a ‘worse-case’ scenario and to continue to access EU markets. However, history may show that some operators may have moved critical mass too early. There was always optimism that a gambling industry would be retained in Gibraltar, but whether that was a declining or growing issue was the question.”

With the early ‘teething problems’ from the Brexit transition making headlines, Andrew Lyman, executive director at the government of Gibraltar – gambling division, dissects the impact that the ‘oven-ready’ deal will have on Gibraltar.

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£4.46 million
GambleAware revealed that between Q1-Q3, the gambling industry had made £4.46 million in voluntary donations to the charity.

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Viewership figures for the fixture between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes American college football teams dipped by 27% in 2020, marking a 16-year low.

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Zumo has doubled its customer base to over 25,000, demonstrating a sustained rise in the use of digital currencies and e-wallet transactions.

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$1 billion
Figures for December have shown that New Jersey has edged even closer to becoming the first state to accept $1 billion in wagers in a single month.

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John Cole
Looking back at ‘The Role Of Social Media’ panel from SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, leading figures analyse the role of social media in building engagement with bettors.
Recommended Reading
Assaf Dor, CEO and Founder of Cellxpert, breaks down why legacy affiliate programmes will lose affiliates if they don’t react to the impending Google Chrome third party cookie changes.

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In a CasinoBeats roundtable, industry experts give their insights on whether smaller suppliers, and slot studios in particular, are up against it when it comes to fighting for market share.

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Relax Gaming’s CCO Daniel Eskola explains why smart content differentiation is essential to thriving on the global gaming stage.

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Payment Expert quizzes John Mitchell, CEO of Episode Six, on how open banking can benefit the European market.

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Artículos Recomendados
Amanda Boucault, coordinadora de Relaciones Públicas en América Latina para Sherlock Communications, fue a fondo sobre las oportunidades cruzadas entre el auge del streaming y el sector del juego online en Latinoamérica.

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El operador de apuestas deportivas William Hill vio perjudicado su canal presencial por el paso de la pandemia, pero el crecimiento online, la expansión a Latinoamérica y su reciente licencia online en Buenos Aires traen buenas expectativas para 2021.

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