Discover how to maximise growth in esports betting

Register for an exclusive SBC Webinar “How to Maximise Growth in Esports Betting” on Thursday 15 October.

Register for an exclusive SBC Webinar, hosted by Hooyu, “How to Maximise Growth in Esports Betting” taking place on Thursday 15 October at 3pm BST.

As the next Covid-19 wave looms, esports betting has been one of the winners in today’s uncertain market.

In this webinar Midnite Gaming, the eSports Integrity Commission and HooYu, will join forces to examine:

  • Will growth in esports betting slow down now that sports betting has returned?
  • What are the underage gaming and fraud risks in esports betting?
  • What are the challenges to designing a customer sign-up experience tailored to the esports betting demographic?
  • How does HooYu work with operators such as Midnite and Luckbox to deploy customised sign-up experiences?

Register for free to gain insight from an expert panel featuring leading senior executives.

The expert panel for the webinar will consist of:
David Pope
Marketing Director
0 (1)-Sep-22-2020-03-04-16-68-PM
Caroline Newman Head of Compliance
Midnite Gaming
0 (2)-2
Ian Smith
Esports Integrity Coalition
0 (3)-2

Matt Thurlby

Head of Gaming


Moderated by: Andy McCarron, Managing Director, SBC
Sports Betting Community Ltd, Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Putney, London SW6 3JD, United Kingdom

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