SBC Webinars resumes TODAY at 10am (BST) with BMIT Technologies

SBC Webinars continues its June schedule with BMIT Technologies presenting ‘Scaling-up Customer Service Through AI’

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SBC Webinars continues its June schedule with BMIT Technologies presenting ‘Scaling-up Customer Service Through AI’ on Wednesday 24 June.

Industry leadership faces critical questions on how to best align customer service teams as enhanced compliance and KYC demands across all markets increase costs and stretch vital resources.

Furthermore, faced with stringent requirements evaluating and on-boarding customers, how can frontline customer-facing teams work more diligently on vital requirements related to social responsibility and customer care.

Launching its ‘CX Virtual Agent’, BMIT Technologies believes that AI-based automation functions can provide operators with vital CS support amid a tougher regulatory and operational backdrop.

Co-developed with engineering studio, the CX Virtual Agent is an industry-tailored customer service tool designed to automate key operational functions and reduce the burden on operators’ resources and workforce.

“At BMIT Technologies we are constantly investing to offer the best technology solutions to our customers. Our new CX Virtual Agent seeks to address customers’ requirements in order to enhance business potential through best-practices and technology. It is a collaborative effort between our highly experienced team and’s team of AI specialists. This webinar will showcase how we can help gaming companies achieve efficiencies, facilitate customer engagement and support, and nurture relationships,” said Christian Sammut – CEO BMIT Technologies

Samantha Asensi

Business Solutions Advisor

BMIT Technologies

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Gege Gatt


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