SBC Webinars continues tomorrow with ‘Virus Check’ presented by Hooyu

The SBC Webinars series returns later today with ‘Virus Check’, an exclusive presentation by Hooyu.

The SBC Webinars series returns tomorrow with ‘Virus Check‘, an exclusive presentation by Hooyu.

In the session, Hooyu experts in global customer onboarding, KYC and customer insight will evaluate the true cost of Covid-19 pandemic impacts on the global gambling sector.

Hooyu, will be joined by SBC and H2 Gambling Capital, to examine the following critical factors:

  • What’s the likely impact to gross gambling yield?
  • Which gaming segments are likely to come out of COVID-19 better than others?
  • Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission on customer KYC and consumer protection
  • How can operators make the most of their onboarding flow and be more sensitive to customer affordability?
David Pope

Marketing Director


“The industry has reacted well to this new challenge in a tough 12 months that has already seen increased regulation and firms for KYC and customer insight failings. In this webinar we will help operators to get a sense of the true economic impact of COVID-19 and how they can be at their best to make the most of a reduced sign-up funnel and build player insight at pace.”
Sports Betting Community Ltd, Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Putney, London SW6 3JD, United Kingdom

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