Matched Betting and Coronavirus – Important Update

Probably the most important email you’re going to read this year – how you can continue to profit from Matched Betting during this crisis.

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Hey Ben,

As you probably know, Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the sports industry, with almost every major event being cancelled or postponed for an unknown period of time. Quite rightly a lot of you are wondering how this is going to affect Matched Betting.

We’re not worried. Our team will still be updating our reloads section daily. Here are reasons not to worry (with emphasis on #3):

1. Horse Racing will most likely go on.

The Grand National website states that the most likely outcome for that event will be that the race takes place behind closed doors. This means there won’t be any spectators, but the race will still go ahead. This means that all betting will go on as normal and there may even be more offers than usual to compensate for the lack of football.

Ireland has already announced that racing there will continue behind closed doors, and so far racing in the UK has been allowed to go on even though Football has been postponed, so we’re pretty confident this will remain the case.

2. Not all Football has been cancelled.

As it stands, the English National League is still going ahead, along with other foreign leagues like the Russian Premier League, Swedish Cup, Turkish Super League and Ukrainian Premier League, which means there’s still some (although limited) options to place bets for your weekly bet clubs if you want to avoid horses.

3. Casino offers will likely improve…

This does present an opportunity. The bookies are going to feel the sting from losing so much sportsbook activity, and we’ve already seen some bookies trying to push customers towards their Casino. We think it’s very likely that we’ll see a surge in Casino offers over the next few weeks, which should more than compensate for any loss of sportsbook offers.

If you’ve never tried Casino offers before, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Casino offers are often quicker, easier and less hassle than sports offers, and they can be even more profitable. I personally prefer Casino offers by far.

Sign up today and check out our Casino section and find out how to profit from Casino offers.

Upgrade Today – Start Profiting
This isn’t the time to pack up shop, it’s time to prepare for the return. Use casino offers to build up your bankroll, work through any remaining signup offers (where horse racing can be used), and start getting ready to hit things HARD. The bookies are going to be desperate to keep you betting so there will be promotions to exploit.

We never stop, we just adapt.

Sam Stoffel
CEO and Founder
Profit Accumulator, Building 18, Gateway 1000, Arlington Business Park, Whittle Way, Stevenage, England SG1 2FP, 0115 824 3730

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