SBC Webinars to continue this Wednesday with ‘Supercharging the Online Gaming Experience’ – Register Now!

Dear Cliff

The SBC Webinars series continues this Wednesday with Supercharging the Online Gaming Experience, as experts from Limelight Networks take an in-depth look at some of the major technological challenges confronting the industry.

The session will examine many of the key issues that betting and gaming operators need to address in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by rapid advances in technology.

Limelight’s product experts will outline to the audience how to develop effective network capacities and infrastructure capable of supporting operators’ unique workflows, systems and content delivery on a global scale.

The webinar will also focus on transferring best practices on how to leverage content delivery networks to improve user experience, as online betting and gaming businesses chase that extra edge in reaching and servicing an international customer base.

The Limelight Networks panel will consist of:
Ernest Russell

Ernest Russell

Technical Product

Marketing Manager

Kerrion Burton Evans

Kerrion Burton Evans

Solutions Engineer

The Limelight team said: “We are passionate about connecting people to the world around them. We remove the barriers that stand between your customers and their entertainment, their games, their community, their educational resources.

“Our platform supports the highest quality user experience today and accelerates the next generation of real-time, interactive and immersive content. We position your content and applications right next to your customers at the network edge for the most dynamic, real-time interactions no matter where your customers live, work or play.”

Sports Betting Community Ltd, Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Putney, London SW6 3JD, United Kingdom

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