The truth about Oddsmonkey…

We’ve discovered some disturbing things about Oddsmonkey that they definitely won’t want you to know about.

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It’s time you knew the truth.

Right now, just looking at signup offers alone, Profit Accumulator has £1788 of signup offer free bets/bonuses to claim. Oddsmonkey lags behind us on £1418. (As of 03/12/19. Excludes non UK offers and Football Index, which both sites have).

It’s the same with reload offers too.

In October, Profit Accumulator posted reload offers with an expected value of £1914.57 (not including offers where the value can’t be calculated, like racing refunds etc). Oddsmonkey’s total was just £1327.75.

Oddsmonkey missed more than 100 reload offers worth nearly £600.

In today’s Matched Betting climate, you need every reload offer you can get. You can’t afford to be missing out on offers. It’s just not good enough.

But whether or not you think that’s acceptable, that’s not the point of this email.

Over the past months we’ve been gathering proof that Oddsmonkey has been unlawfully stealing much of the content that we post on Profit Accumulator.

We have an amazing team that work tirelessly to ensure that we bring you all of the best free bet offers on the web. But that hard work is being stolen from us.

… and they’re not even doing a good job of it.

You have a choice – you can get delayed, second-hand offers from Oddsmonkey, or you can get it directly from us – and make way more money in the process.

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Proof of Oddsmonkey’s Plagiarism

We long suspected Oddsmonkey were copying our content. We’ve managed to gather bits of evidence over the months, but what we wanted was a silver bullet.

So we set a trap. And they walked right into it.

om screenshot
Here’s a screenshot from Oddsmonkey’s forum. Nothing out of the ordinary right?

Take a closer look at the footballer’s shorts.

Yup, we hid a watermark in the image. We thought the best place to put it would be on the footballer’s shorts, much like the time they sponsored Wigan for one match after promising a major new announcement.

Not just the once, either. In fact, we’ve got three other examples of stolen watermarked images that you can see in our full writeup below, along with many other examples of copying.

It doesn’t stop there either. Here’s a screenshot of the time they accidentally paid for a subscription to us using the wrong PayPal account.

“”. Whoops!

Naturally we confronted them about this… they denied it, until we showed them what proof we had. They quickly went silent then.

So whilst they’re busy monkeying around, we’ve got our eyes on the ball and making sure your profits stay ahead of anyone else.

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Sam Stoffel
CEO and Founder

P.S – We’re hiring! I’m looking for a Copywriter, a Sales Agent, and a Betting Partnerships Manager. Take a look, and apply if it looks right for you!

Profit Accumulator, Building 18, Gateway 1000, Arlington Business Park, Whittle Way, Stevenage, England SG1 2FP, 0115 824 3730

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